Ask by killers names


Bundy: What do you do in your life?
Ramirez: Are u scared of the night?
Dahmer: Favourite meal?
Manson: What are you scared of the most?
Kemper: Favourite mugshot?
Speck: Have tattoos?
Gacy: Favourite horror movie?
Rader: Why you interested with true crimes?
Zodiac : What is your name?
Wuornos: Are you gay/lesbian?
Atkins: What Subculture Do You Belong To?
Cunanan: What is your hobby?
Bryant: Have mental illness?
Spancer: Do you hate Mondays?
Kinkel: Favourite gif?
Klebold: Your fetish?
Harris: What make you angry?
Roof: Send selfie or pet pic?
Rodger: Are u a virgin?
Lane: Do you ever send a letter to killers?
Auvinen: Do u belive with God/ have religion?
Loukaitis: Favourite killer quote?
Lanza: Are u a vegetarian?
Seung-Hui: What make u inspire?
Stair: What your phone wallpaper look like?
Cruz: Do u ever send someone your nudes?
Ivanov: Favourite  tumblr?